One-On-One Coaching

Work one-on-one with a Key Nutrition coach to achieve your nutrition and fitness goals.

Does this sound like you?

You are tired of trying every fad diet only to gain all the weight back. You get to the gym and never know what you should be doing. You are confused and overwhelmed with all the information floating around the internet.

Don't Worry... We've got your back!

“I have more confidence in the gym due to him challenging and evolving my lifts. He is always extremely patient, kind and supportive. …Thank you Brad!”

“Key Nutrition has made the biggest difference in not only my workouts and nutrition but in my life. Helping me reach my goals was a priority but also helping me to find my true goals and motivation.”

“I’m absolutely thrilled with my progress. Jenn is way more than just a fitness and nutrition coach. She provides support, encouragement, and accountability.”

Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

Our program is customized to your unique needs and goals, whether that be fat loss, muscle gain, performance, or general health. Your coach will help you achieve sustainable, long-term results.

  • Tailored macro-based nutrition plans.

  • Weekly check-ins with your nutrition coach.

  • Custom workout plans designed for you.

  • Personalized assistance and accountability.

Picture this...

You’re standing in front of the bathroom mirror and you see muscle. You don’t see stuff hanging where it shouldn’t, and you see a smile on your face. You’ve worked for the past 12-weeks and it’s paid off. Your spouse walks in to brush their teeth and they are shocked. WHOA. You’ve had a serious change.

This can be you!

Don't believe us? Here are some real client transformations.

The 4 Tiers

Our Approach

Here is our secret to sustainable, long-term results.

1. Customized Nutrition

  • Tailored macro-based nutrition plans.

  • Sustainable approach to fit your lifestyle.

  • Structured around your schedule and preferences.

  • Teaching you how to incorporate your favorite foods and still lose weight!

2. Accountability/Education

  • Regular weekly check-ins with your nutrition coach.

  • Personalized assistance and accountability.

  • Expand your knowledge of healthy foods.

  • Sustainable results through education and accountability.

3. Tailored Exercise Routines

  • Custom workout plans designed for you.

  • Consideration of your schedule, skill level, and goals.

  • Integration with your existing routine if you have one.

4. Mindset

  • Focus on the crucial mindset aspect of fitness.

  • Non-scale victories, including energy levels, sleep, relationships, and more.

  • Holistic approach to fixing diets and empowering individuals.

  • HIGH LEVEL accountability with in-person of zoom calls as an option.

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